Sonic Therapy
Sound Therapy
What is Sonic Therapy?
Imagine as your eyes close, being transported to another time, another place surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. That is what happens with Sonic Therapy.

Massage Therapy Sonic Therapy audio is recorded using a proprietary 3D process developed by 3D Audio recordings recreate sounds in all directions around the listener in front, behind, above, below, close and distant, precisely as the sounds occurred in nature. There is no way to tell the difference between a recording and real life sound. The Sonic Therapy massage table speaker system presents these recordings with the greatest realism possible. With conventional recordings and speakers, sounds are only heard from the direction of the speakers. With Sonic Therapy, even with just two speakers, sounds are heard from all directions. Imagine being able to experience the soothing effects of nature's sounds, anywhere, anytime. Immerse yourself in a rain shower with distant thunder, lay yourself on a beach with ocean waves crashing nearby, or relax to the insect, animal and bird sounds of a warm Summer evening. All of this with stunning realism, indistinguishable from the actual sounds of nature.

Sonic Therapy adds a whole new dimension of relaxation and stress relief to the regimens of Salons, Day Spas and Massage Therapists, keeping clients coming back week after week.

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